Improving NVH prediction by combining test and simulation: a modal analysis short story - PLM Nordic

In this article:

  • Virtual NVH troubleshooting
  • Why modal analysis?
  • Defining the optimal test setup
  • Running the experiments and analyzing the results
  • How is the model predicting the experimental results? 
  • Improving the accuracy of your simulation thanks to experimental modal analysis

The automotive market is evolving and lots of innovations are coming onto the scene, but of course, the electrification of the powertrain is the main trend in this market. The way electric powertrains affect the NVH performance of a vehicle is significantly different from those of an ICE. Consequently, the availability of reliable numerical models to predict and understand these phenomena, and improve design, are crucial to successfully and timely release products to the market. However, these predictions are only reliable if the models accurately represent reality. Let’s see why modal analysis is a crucial tool in validating structural components and how this helps in improving NVH predictions.

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